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Dough Mixer

Dough Mixer
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The dough mixer is used for mixing various ingredients such as flour, sugar, fat, water, and other chemicals for making hard, soft or fermented dough for making biscuits.

A base plate over which two side frames are fitted for taking the load of mixing chamber of bread dough mixer which is fitted on side frames. In the mixing chamber of bread dough mixer two Z/sigma type-mixing blades are fitted which rotate at different speeds in opposite direction to mix various types of soft/hard dough for achieving required glutton of dough. An electrically operated tilting device is also fitted to tilt mixing chamber to unload mixed dough. The machine is covered from all sides to avoid dust and accidents etc.

100 Kg. Flour, 200 Kg. Flour, 300 Kg. Flour per batch.

Contact parts:
In standard model all contact parts are made in mile sheet/ cast iron but the top lid in S.S.-304. However all contact parts can be supplied in S.S.-304.

Leakage protection:
The mixing bowl is protected by double oil seals with gland rope in all four shafts of blades to avoid leakage of liquids from the mixing chamber.

Power load:
10HP & 1 HP, 20HP & 2HP, 30 HP & 3 HP respectively.
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Rotary Moulder (Soft Dough making Machine)

Rotary Moulder
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Rotary Moulder is an alluring chattel aimed to extrude your search for a quality net of its type.

Applications :
Rotary Moulder is used for the desired shape out of soft dough & soft variety of biscuits like glucose.

Design :
The dough to be moulded Is fed into the hopper & a forcing roller force the dough into the cavities off the moulding roller made out of gum metal ,uniformly engraved & & coated with food grade Teflon.

Excess dough is cleared with a knife ,which is held by a holder made tool steel .to ensure uniform filling.

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Rotary Cutter (Hardouh Cutter)


Rotary Cutter
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The single head rotary cutter prints fine design on a continuously fed dough sheet and also cuts out the individual dough piece. It is used for pre baking forming for marie , thin arrowroot, krackjack, petit-beure, monaco, and all types of salty biscuits.

The unit powered by 1.5KW helical geared motor and speed controlled by AC frequency controller. Drive is given to cutting roller only to accommodate different sizes of die's in this machine.

Rubber lined anvil roller is adjustable in height so that pressure can be controlled at both sides in parallel or independently. The anvil roll is being driven by friction of the cutting web, which is independently powered by its own separate drive. For safety reasons the cutting roll is provided with guard, removal of which stops the motor.

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